Part 1

This is part 1 of many showing the rebuild of my 1980 Mercedes 300SD diesel engine, the OM617.950.

Part 2

Got the engine on the stand. Starting disassembly. Rockers and Camshaft. 

Part 3

Here is the video where I find what actually caused the failure. Rod Bearings.

Part 4

Not Much Happening here.... just the latest update.

Part 5

Crankshaft is finally out of the engine!!!

Part 6

The Crank has been repaired!!!! In this video we take a trip to Thomas Racing engines to see the shop and pickup the repaired crankshaft 

Part 6b

Well it seems the head is stuck on the engine even though all the bolts have been removed. Hmmmmm 

Part 7

Wooohoooo!!!! The head is off!!!! And check out my cool vintage parts washer. 

Part 8

Just a short video to show the old parts washer and the cleanup of some of the parts.

Part 9

 Cleaned the block and did some inspection. 

Part 10

Measuring Cylinders, ring gap and honing cylinder bores