Part 11

Does anybody know what this strange clicking sound is? Turns out it is the centrifugal weight in the timing device.

Part 12

Just washing the block in this video. Next video will be measuring the main bearing clearance. 

Part 13

In this video I show how I removed the injector pre-chambers and collar nuts. I also review some special tools that are used. I am a fan of the JTC tool.I am not sponsored by them, just letting you know what works. 

Part 14

In this video I paint the block with some Semi Gloss Ceramic. I also install the Piston Rings and show the front seal installation tool, which was ordered from Germany and arrived this week. Very useful. 

Part 15

In this video I am fitting the rear main seal and installing the main bearings. I also use some plasti gauge to check the clearances. 

Part 16

This video shows how to make the special tool for the rear rope seal. Also cleaning up the head and valves. 

Part 17

In this video I finish the bottom end. Finally!!!! Ialso discuss anaerobic sealant and why it should be used on the upper oil pan. 

Part 18

Doing work on the timing device endplay, installing chain guides and valve stem seals. 

Part 19

In this video I install the head, torque the bolts, and install the timing chain. 

Part 20

This video is a little longer than normal. I cover how to install rocker arms, set the initial timing, install the front crank seal, and install the oil pan. 

Part 21

In this video I install the Injection Pump and set the initial timing on the pump. I also review the complex throttle linkage. At the end I show the cleaned injector housings. 

Part 22

In this video I clean the injector housings and install some new monark nozzles. 

Part 23

In this video I connect all the fuel lines to the injection pump. I also make a custom -10an line to bypass the oil cooler for testing the engine. I paint power steering pump and install the oil filter housing.

Part 24

Intake and Exhaust manifold, front crank bolt, pulley, intermediate plate, flywheel, injector lines. Almost there!!!